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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Simply Register for a FREE account and follow the instructions.

You will be given 10 credits for registering and as soon as you add a track to your profile and allocate some credits to it it will go into play rotation.

Every time someone listens to your track or watches your video a credit will be deducted. If the credits reach 0 then your track will no longer be available to be listened to or viewed.

You earn credits by listening to a track or watching a music video for more than 60 seconds. When you click "Next" or "Vote Up" the credits will be added to your total in the top right of the screen.

You can then go into "My Details" to allocate your unused credits to each of your tracks.

Will it always be FREE for independent artists?

Yes! Absolutely!
We believe passionately that independent musicians should not have to pay to get their music heard. We will fund the website with advertising and we are not here to get rich, we are here to get your music out there. We are musicians ourselves so this platform also allows our music to be heard more.

I registered but did not receive an email

Make sure you have in your allowed senders list and check your spam folder. You can also try registering again and request a new email.

How does the voting system work?

  • When you click on the "Vote Up" button AND you have listened to a song or watched a video for at least 30 seconds that song gets a vote.
  • You can only vote for the same song ONCE per day. You will still earn credits but additional votes will not be registered until the following day.
  • Each of the charts works by showing the tracks in reverse order of their total votes for that month.
  • At the start of each calendar month the votes get reset to 0 to give everyone a chance.

How does the credit system work?

  • Credits are like "play tokens". 1 credit = 1 play of your song/playlist.
  • When you sign up you receive 10 tracks credits and 2 Spotify playlist credits.
  • When you listen to a track/playlist in the Player for at least 60 seconds for a track (20 minutes for a Spotify playlist) and click either the "Next" or "Vote Up" buttons you will earn another credit.
  • When you add a track/playlist to your profile you can allocate credits to it and it will go into rotation for other people to listen to and vote on.
  • When the credits on your track/playlist reach 0 your track will no longer be in rotation.
  • Note: When you earn credits they go to your total but NOT to your track(s)/playlist(s). You have to go to 'My Details' and allocate credits to your track(s)/playlist(s).

I listened to a track for more than 60 seconds but didn't see my credits go up?

Remember that your credits are reduced when your track is played so sometimes your track may have been played at the same time as you clicked the button resulting in the same credits total.

Why do YouTube Videos not Auto Play?

Autoplaybacks are not counted towards the visible views numbers displayed on the YouTube site because autoplaybacks are not viewer initiated.

Why do Spotify Videos not Auto Play?

Unfortunately Spotify do not allow this to happen when embedding songs on other sites.

Why does it say I need the Spotify app to play the full track?

Unfortunately Spotify do not allow a full track to be played unless you install their app. Unfortunately there is no way round this.

How do I get a track as a "Sponsored Track"?

There are 2 ways to get a track in the "Sponsored Track" slot:
  1. Become a PRO MEMBER and select one of your SoundCloud tracks
  2. Post a message on this message board and make sure you have UNALLOCATED credits available to cover the number of plays you would like (minimum 100).

For option 1 you do not need to have credits allocated to the track as long as you continue to be a PRO MEMBER.

For option 2 your "Sponsored Track" will use credits in the same way as normal however EVERY TIME the track is loaded on the "Are You Human" page a credit will be deducted.

IMPORTANT: Once you have requested that a track become a Sponsored Track you will not be able to get the credits back. If you want the track removed for some reason then just let me know.