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GADD - Back On The Acoustic Horse live at the Spice Of Life London

27 October 2017 19:00  

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Gadd is a Singer Songwriter Rocker!
Heavy Metal Vocalist by night and a Songwriter Producer by day. Gadd has just enough time to take over your stereo armed to the teeth with songs filled with Alt. Country guitar rhythms, soaring vocals and a Rock n` Roll attitude.

Following his music will take you all the way from the Irish sea to the broiling desert of the wild west.
Always accompanied by his trusty guitar “Sue” and fueled by past mistakes and a lifetime of making all the wrong choices, Gadd is taking back his rightful place on stage in its rawest form.
Back on the Acoustic Horse!

Situated smack bang in the middle of Soho, HOT VOX and THE SPICE OF LIFE will bring you right to the centre of London’s best music. From jazz and Jamie Cullum to legends such as Bob Dylan, this venue has had a historic blend of great names through its doors. Now, HOT VOX brings some of hottest new names on the scene as your soundtrack to a perfect night in Soho.

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