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The Glass House

Riff dominated progressive rock with spacey keyboard lines, a catchy melodic chorus, interesting grooves & changing time signatures...

This is our second official release. A 5 1/2 minute essence of our progressive rock style. Enjoy it.


The J Conspiracy is an unsigned Progressive rock band from Germany.

Sunday March 9th, 2014 is an essential date for The J Conspiracy. After 5 hours of loose but creative jamming around in the rehearsal room the four musicians visit the concert of `Transatlantic` in Cologne. Right after this great show while drinking the last beer of the evening in front of the concert hall someone speaks out the essence of this day: `Tomorrow we have to talk`. That`s it! The J Conspiracy`s line up was complete:

Ralf Brand - Guitar, Lead vocals
Christoph Buss - Keyboards, backing vocals
Karl Schlesinger - Bass
Heiko Loeb - Drums

At the same time as The J Conspiracy published their first song, the nearly 20 minute prog epic „Place Called Home“ in August 2015, they started a unique media project titled „Music meets photography“ on
In about one year fans, listeners and photographers from 18 different countries all over the world sent in nearly 200 pics of what they called their „Place Called Home“. All this contributions can be enjoyed in a famous photoslider paired with the full length song.

2016: 17 months after the highly acclaimed debut The J Conspiracy launched their second track „The Glass House“. This time no epic, but an essence of their musical preferences steamed down to 5 1/2 minutes: riffdominated progressive rock with spacey keyboard lines, a catchy melodic chorus, interesting grooves and time signature changes. This single builds the starting point of The J Conspiracy`s journey through the wolrd of prog radio. See: for details.

2017: The J Conspiracy is back with a new recording: A unique cover version of the Pink Floyd classic `Have A Cigar`.

2018: The J Conspiracy`s focus is on numbers. On April 16th they released `11:11`. A different kind of epic... Progressive rock meets the magic of mathematics. This song is really different, but likely one that you will really love. Turn speakers loud and take your trip through this epic track. `Numbers are the key to nurture life.`

Music and more information on at

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