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Verity White - BREAKING OUT on Tour - Manchester

11 January 2018 19:30  

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VERITY WHITE takes her debut album BREAKING OUT on tour in January 2018.

First date - MACHESTER! Tickets are now on sale through this link:

Verity White is an award-winning singer (Akademia Awards : Best Alt-Rock Single, Nominee Best Female Artist : Wigwam Online Radio Awards) with an exciting and powerful voice, who expresses a vast range of emotion in her music. Her sound has been described as "Stevie Nicks turned up to 11, fronting Foo Fighters meets Royal Blood."

The Breaking Out Tour is Verity`s first solo tour and promises to be one of the best indie shows you`ll see this year.

A powerful vocalist with a soulful streak thatís truly compelling - Indie Music Mag

Deliciously rocky vocals ...that evoke thoughts of (Stevie) Nicks ... - Gig Radar

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