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The message boards have been replaced by Our Discord as it has a lot more features that allow us to communicate with each other in a better way.

You may still post on here and you will get some replies but we would really recommend you join us on Discord as it is a very vibrant community of independent musicians.

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19 September 2018 21:01
Stevie Boyes profile pic
Stevie Boy

Stevie Boyes



New track "so in love" official released 18th October, more of a electronic vibe than some of my others. Thanks for listening.

12 September 2018 12:32
Empty Sea

Empty Sea



"Kefalon" coming soon. Downtempo electronic with an optimistic vibe. Thanks for checking out...

08 August 2018 09:46
Empty Sea

Empty Sea



First release coming soon on Spotify. Three tracks of downtempo Electronica. Thanks for lending your ears :)

05 August 2018 19:28
Broadreach Music profile pic

Broadreach Music


08 July 2018 06:37
maximilli0n profile pic



My new IDM tape MR0003

03 August 2018 21:42
Whettman C

Whettman Chelmets


01 August 2018 15:27
Junkfeathers profile pic



31 July 2018 03:29


30 July 2018 12:34
Nicky Havey profile pic
Nicky Have

Nicky Havey



Juxta John & Nicky Havey collide with a "Smell the Coffee" remix of Wake Up -

27 July 2018 14:29
grizzle profile pic




Bits, Bobs & Beats #1 -
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