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07 December 2017 16:14



Just a question about replacing a video link, same song different video. Do I delete the first link? Thank you

05 December 2017 11:35
Indus Rush

Indus Rush



I`d like to know how the artists or songs are chosen for the Beacon radio show? I notice no Thommo, no BetaPSI, and most importantly for me, no Indus Rush. I`m assuming there are just too many artists / songs to go onto one Radio show. Will it be done alternatively somehow?
05 December 2017 15:49
Juxta profile pic
At the moment it is based on my personal preference as I listen to tracks. I add them to playlists on my SoundCloud account and they will form the basis of the shows.

As you say there are so many artists on the site that I can`t feature everyone.

23 November 2017 10:24
The Cruel

The Cruel Horizon



Getting confused here on one hand you must collect credits to keep your own song in rotation by listening at least 60 sec. On the other hand the purpose is to meet and chat with others. But everybodys main purpose is to get your song to be heard, right? And hopefully get some remarks and likes. Can we go back to the 30 sec. please I really liked that. Thank you
05 December 2017 02:23
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowes
Well, you have me confused - lol. Don`t see how the first part of your message correlates with either 30 secs or 60 secs. Aren`t you more likely to get remarks if a person has actually listened to your song for more than 30 secs - which in the case of a lot of songs barely gets past the intro

30 November 2017 13:20
Juxta profile pic




I know the embedded Spotify player is a pain in the butt for many.

If you have certain things you have to do to get it working could you please post a reply to this with the system you use (Mac/PC, etc.) and the browser and what you have to do to get it working on here please. I will then post these in the FAQ.
30 November 2017 13:50
BetaPSI profile pic
PC - WIN 10 - Spotify free account - Web Player

At first I`ve to login in my Spotify account, then via ACR, to listen to the entire track, I`ve to click on the Spotify logo in the bottom right corner of the player. This open a new browser tab leading to the Spotify Web Player.
Not for all tracks it works at the first `click`, sometimes I have to do the same twice and for few tracks I`ve to choose the one selecting it in the Spotify album (but maybe this depend on the Spotify link that the artists add).

27 November 2017 12:42
Juxta profile pic




So the radio station has been dropped but I have something to replace it, which I think will be a better integration to the site!

I am currently building genre-specific SoundCloud playlists based on some of my favourite tracks as I come across them.

I am going to create genre-specific shows on MixCloud ( & Spreaker ( where I will play the tracks with jingles and a little bit of chat so please follow the profiles above and get sharing!

25 November 2017 15:14
DEAN STANLEY profile pic




Anyone into remixing/producing one of my tracks for film score. I would like to hear from you. Ian

22 November 2017 20:17
Skyline Ti

Skyline Tigers


Hi! Iím after a bit of advice again please! I fancy making a music video on an iPhone and Iíve started collecting clips, but I donít know where to start re. Editing software. Has anyone had any experience making videos on an iPhone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
25 November 2017 10:09
Skyline Tigers
Thanks Analogstoy! It does look good, I shall check it out. Thanks again!

25 November 2017 09:28
Just checked its on Ios and Linux as well

24 November 2017 17:24
Skyline Tigers
Thanks for replying Analogstoy! I`m using an iphone for convenience really, so if I see something I want to record on the spur of the moment I can. I shall check out open shot though, thanks for the tip!

24 November 2017 16:40
Hi Sky, does it need to be on iPhone, there are a number of freeware video editing suites, of various quality, foremost Open Shot - dont know if it got a Ios version thu.

25 November 2017 04:21
MacroUnit profile pic



Hi folks I can play guitar. I love you and hope you have a great holidays. Would love to collaborate.

21 November 2017 17:46
EDM Beats profile pic
EDM Beats

EDM Beats


Please take a look and tell me what you think:

20 November 2017 05:44
# profile pic




New visuals for a last year`s tune! # would like to dedicate their song`s video to their friend and supporting fan who has passed away recently. He loved this track, so please be with him in soul for a loud headbang and a cigarette maybe. Credits on it, but in case you can`t have enough, find it here:
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