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13 October 2017 14:30
Scott Watson profile pic
Scott Wats

Scott Watson


Hello guys.

I`m going to upload this in a moment, but this is my new song:

I hope you like it.



18 October 2017 12:24
Scott Watson profile pic
Scott Watson
Thanks Dirk!

15 October 2017 20:58
bulevardi profile pic
Yep! Sounds good ^^

18 October 2017 11:08



Hey guys. Please check out this track. We just decided to make something new and fresh with this collab. Its vry different to what`s out there.

16 October 2017 12:26
# profile pic




Some new stuff on # YouTube:
Feel free to check it out, subscribe, share, etc.
Keep It Loud!

29 September 2017 14:24
Skyline Ti

Skyline Tigers


Hi! I`m looking for some inexpensive artwork for my tracks, but don`t where to start. Can anyone give me some advice, or recommendations please?
10 October 2017 12:28
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowes
Just my penneth. I used fiver and was very pleased with the cover I got. No fuss and done promptly. Even adjusted it within a day, when asked and no pain to the wallet

09 October 2017 06:54
Skyline Tigers
Thanks Kevin, my daughter keeps telling me to look on fiver so I must check it out! Appreciate the advice.

02 October 2017 10:27
Kevin Strohmenger profile pic
Kevin Strohmenger
Another great way to get cool artwork is, ill fav and comment on something I like and ask for permission directly.

02 October 2017 10:24
Kevin Strohmenger profile pic
Kevin Strohmenger
There`s always fiver if you want something a little more specific but cheap

02 October 2017 07:35
Skyline Tigers
Thanks guys appreciate you taking the time to reply! Got lots to look at now x

01 October 2017 19:07
This is a great site to do artwork easily most is free, you can upload your own images too and change them

01 October 2017 18:58
Within The Neutron Purge
There`s a lot you can do, from just editing things in MS paint to taking photos with a phone camera and using filters, then putting it on the computer and editing it. Google images and photoshop also work. If you don`t want to pay for photoshop, they have a free version, Adobe photoshop Cs6. At the very least, if you can draw or got friends that paint and draw, you can always go to a library and see if they have a scanner you can use, or a local high school if your friends with an old teacher.

29 September 2017 18:18
Skyline Tigers
Thank you, I didn`t realise you had to tick that!

29 September 2017 18:10
Johnny English Music profile pic
Johnny English Music
You can get artwork from google images just make sure you tick the correct licence use under "tools" then click "usage rights"

10 October 2017 01:01
Trendlaser profile pic




I`m beginning to wonder if Fanburst is worth the aggravation. Gonna have to ignore it for awhile.

08 October 2017 15:42
Juxta profile pic




I have started creating royalty free samples for you to use in your tracks.

A lot of people have said that vocal samples would be useful so I have started with a few of these and will add to them over time.

Let me know what you think and if it`s worth continuing to create more:
09 October 2017 00:14
DRUST IV profile pic
Thanks for putting these up. Great samples, like the voicing. It would be possible to construct a complete song from the lines you`ve posted. Just as an experiment, I dropped a couple of your `oohs` into a song I`m working on (Sally Go Round the Roses, new version) - faster tempo than 100 bpm and different key from your sample - but somehow it works!!! Anyway, please keep on doing more samples, and keep on doing what you`re doing, it`s a good site for musicians, very much appreciated.



08 October 2017 12:05
# profile pic




Brand New # Song and Video! from the upcoming album!
Keep It Loud!

08 October 2017 02:11
Nemanja Misce Simic profile pic
Nemanja Mi

Nemanja Misce Simic

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04 October 2017 05:58




Get all 8 Kazket Bound releases available on Bandcamp and save 75%.

04 October 2017 05:50




Hey all. Here`s my choice selections from Septembers listening on Soundcloud and of course ACR. Give a listen, it`s time well spent.
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