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28 October 2017 16:07


Hi John ! Hope you are fine :) It seems to be a problem with the updates of my credits.
31 October 2017 21:22
Oh, thanks for your answer Ron :)

31 October 2017 15:51
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowes
Are you listening for a full minute? The minimum has been raised fro 30 secs to 60

31 October 2017 21:05
Kahsay profile pic




Check this song - you guys are among the first to hear the whole song...

26 October 2017 14:15
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowe

Ron D Bowes



The chat room is a place to chat. And if you are chatting to someone and they express an interest in hearing your track - OK put up a link. But just coming and posting your links to songs and saying "check this out" is spam imo and it puts me off from chatting in the chat room. We all want to promote our music and that is what Juxta John set this site up for, but ramming your music down my throat is NOT going to make me listen to it.
27 October 2017 14:06
Juxta profile pic
I agree. However people that do that are not usually interested in helping anyone else so they disappear pretty quickly.

If it turns into an epidemic I will come up with a solution! :-)

25 October 2017 17:52
Night Vision profile pic
Night Visi

Night Vision



Every time I watch or listen to a song, my credits don`t update and add on to my total? Please can someone help me fix this? Many thanks. Night Vision

24 October 2017 10:01
# profile pic




Brand New # Song with lyric video: -

23 October 2017 20:53
Musical Artizan profile pic
Musical Ar

Musical Artizan



just had one of my user accounts consolidated so please check who you are following artist account

you may find the account you have followed no longer exists please check

22 October 2017 21:54
EDM Beats profile pic
EDM Beats

EDM Beats

 Give it a try please :)

22 October 2017 17:38
MacroUnit profile pic



I seem to have lost the chat window. Any ideas? thanks!

21 October 2017 17:30
Johnny English Music profile pic
Johnny Eng

Johnny English Music



Hi everyone I just made a remix of J Balvin`s Mi Gente my first venture into Dance & EDM! please give it a listen and let me know what you all think. Here`s the link!

12 October 2017 11:15
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Record

Wud Records



We opened a support ticket with SoundCloud about ten days ago and have heard nothing in reply. Just wondered if anybody else here has opened such a ticket recently and how long it took for SC to respond. They used to be fairly quick once upon a time but of course they sacked all their customer support staff recently to cut costs.
21 October 2017 01:49
CeddroDaGod profile pic
Naw but pressplay and vibe and ill do the same

19 October 2017 21:57
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
Got a final reply. To paraphrase, it said "Your accounts are spam, we`ve got your money, get lost." Looking forward to a time when we are less busy and have the time to move everything from ShitCloud to Bandcamp. :-|

15 October 2017 03:57
Behold the Sludge
Hell, as useless as it was, Im surprised you got anything back at all. I never got a thing back from them period.

13 October 2017 15:33
Unfortunately that reply from SC is their usual thang. I guess the infusion of cash didn`t have any affect on their customer relations. I`m sorry for you but SC is still provides a useful service even they don`t seem to get the idea behind the fact that if their base isn`t there they don`t have a business.

13 October 2017 09:03
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
{too long...}

...for V**gr*? Satanism and Human Sacrifice in the 21st Century? `How to run a music website` advice blogs? Be creative! :) Still too early and about to start coffee #2.

13 October 2017 09:00
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
Thanks Mrkil1o1. By same quirk of magic/coincidence/Sod`s Law, we actually had a reply! It took 9 days and was pretty useless, essentially saying they will reply eventually. Here`s a copy/paste:

Hi there,

Wed like to inform you that were experiencing an increased volume of support tickets coming our way. Unfortunately, this means were unable to respond to all of them as quickly as wed like to.

If your matter has been resolved in the meantime, please consider this ticket as closed. If you still need help with the reported issue, please reply to this email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that this may still take a while.

In the meantime, [blah-diddly-poo]

If your issue isnt covered by the above, please let us know in reply to the email.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The SoundCloud Support team

Their email is if anyone needs to send them some... spam? Gay porn membership? Adverts

12 October 2017 14:41
It`s an unfortunate trait of SC, which hasn`t seemed to change over time, that they are very, very slow in responding. And even when they do they don`t always seem to get what you`re talking about so you might need to ask again and go through the whole response thing once more.
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