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16 June 2017 01:39
Jasoncaldwellmusic profile pic




I am trying to grow my youtube account and was curious if anyone would like to go in help each other out by liking and following each other. Heres a link to one of my videos if you may be interested. Hit me if interested and and I`ll support you back.
20 June 2017 12:03
Musical Artizan profile pic
Musical Artizan
intense video jason

16 June 2017 18:33
DNPQ profile pic
Subscribed ;) Cool vid.

16 June 2017 12:23
Hey Jason, try putting this in `follow 4 follow` board, if you haven`t already. Dedicated to this sort of stuff.

15 June 2017 08:35
Juxta profile pic




Great article from ForTheLoveofBands about using Twitter tags -

Every little thing like this helps when trying to grow your fan base!
20 June 2017 09:09
SPAWN profile pic
Did it work?

17 June 2017 11:14
Juxta profile pic
I just came across this account too -

Will give it a try on Friday and see what happens.

15 June 2017 14:23
Thanks John!

15 June 2017 10:46
Great stuff. Thanks for sharing John.

18 June 2017 21:37
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Raine Caro

Raine Carosin & Friends



I`m in the Lobby... Where do I go to put out an idea?
Here`s the idea:
We vote once when we like something, and then at the end of the `session` of music we have listened to and like, we choose one that really impressed us and do a special vote so that there are two charts?
Just as we grow with the Innovators of this Great Idea!
I`m like this: Saggie. Big Foot clumsily putting for the mouth!
19 June 2017 10:22
Juxta profile pic
Hi there.

Please post it in this board -

Thank you!

17 June 2017 20:38
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New blog post. Please click the link and like, comment or share :)

15 June 2017 02:11
Jasoncaldwellmusic profile pic




Am I crazy? I just released a 5 song album and I`m giving it away free at my website
16 June 2017 01:40
Jasoncaldwellmusic profile pic
Thanks Rick!!

15 June 2017 06:05
Rick Burke profile pic
Rick Burke
I don`t know but I just happened to see this by chance tonight and I clicked on your buy link under your album and I`ve got to tell you I was very impressed with your website. It`s pretty darn cool! Great job with that my friend and your music is pretty darn cool too!
Just thought I`d mention to you.

14 June 2017 09:13
Newen X

Newen X



Hello peopleeee! I uploaded a new track to Spinnin! Please vote it, love you all :D if anything you need i`ll be happy to help as well

13 June 2017 10:59
# profile pic




Hiy`all! We`re a 3-chord rock n roll band from Brighton and thought we`d say hi. You`ll find us at if you wanna keep in touch. A new video and tunes will be out soon;
Keep It Loud!

11 June 2017 13:37




Greetings Everyone! I`m an Artist/Producer from Kingston Jamaica. I`m looking for plays and more plays and of course follows. I will followback. Please drop me a line if you follow me...Let me know you are from this forum and I will hit you back.

One Love
13 June 2017 07:48
mollyluvsu profile pic

12 June 2017 16:11
Melina profile pic

12 June 2017 07:50
Si Mars
followed u

Si Mars

11 June 2017 16:33
Juxta profile pic
Hi Bryan. Welcome. There is a separate message board here for requesting follows -

You`ll probably get better results if you post in there.

13 June 2017 07:48
mollyluvsu profile pic



HEY!!!!! Im the next greatest rapper. follow along on my journey! Hope to hear from you! much love!

09 June 2017 23:27
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Record

Wud Records



Having seen what our comrade Wivadee posted, we`d like to share our social media strategy with you.

In the last year since starting to do this, our Twitter and SoundCloud followers and activity have increased by a factor of 10-20 times what they were.

It requires a bit of effort on a reasonably regular basis, but if you limit yourself to 30 minutes/day it shouldn`t impact your creative time too hideously.

Please share and best of luck! And if you have any great tips, let`s share them. :)
10 June 2017 12:21
Juxta profile pic
Fantastic article which I would like to supplement with the following:
  • Use to help you unfollow people on SoundCloud who are not following back.
  • Use to unfollow people on Twitter who are not following you back. Make sure you use the follow order option to show to oldest first. You can follow and unfollow up to 1000 accounts per day without an issue.

I have been doing exactly what this article says for some months but spent even more time on it than suggested and have grown to over 10.8k followers. I only follow music related accounts (although I did fall into the trap of using the mass follow back accounts for a while at the beginning!).

This strategy works IF you are consistent.

P.S. I`m not just saying this as it is my account but you could do worse than just working your way through all the accounts that we follow as I have spent months unfollowing people who d

10 June 2017 01:08
Many thanks, Wud. It`s extremely kind of you to share your strategy with us. Much appreciated. Glad it`s working for you and is definitely something to look into undertaking.
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