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12 March 2018 15:12


what happened to the site?
12 March 2018 15:30
Juxta profile pic
It got better. Click on the Dashboard.

10 March 2018 07:30
Mauro Filigheddu profile pic
Mauro Fili

Mauro Filigheddu



In Musicoin I would like to vote for the Artist of the week but it is impossible. The system asks me to log in when I am already logged in, and if I anyway click on "log in to answer to the blog" a little wheel turns forever. Anyone knows if there is a way to vote?

10 March 2018 04:37
DARK LORD KENAAN profile pic



One of my songs stop playing in the middle of the track. I`ve tried updating and even deleted to re add track. Still the same.

Does this happen to you when you play the track?

08 March 2018 22:43


Follow me on musicoin ( ) and i follow back :). lets help eachother!

08 March 2018 15:03


Hi everyone,
follow me on Twitter if you`d like to see your Atom Collector Records posts!

06 March 2018 17:29
DARK LORD KENAAN profile pic



I would like a Referral program in place.

Credits for sign ups.

Im willing to market ACR now.

I`ve signed up over 100 artist to $Music.

Im ready to sign them up here.

Can ACR add Referral link to my account?

07 March 2018 11:09
Juxta profile pic
We used to give credits for sign ups but it has a negative effect on listens as people don`t have to listen as much if they are referring people here so plays decrease.

I appreciate that you want to market ACR but we are a passionate community that do it to help each other and we make no money from it so I am unable to offer you any kind of reward. Sorry.

07 March 2018 06:25
Musical Artizan profile pic
Musical Ar

Musical Artizan



added more musicoin tracks

03 March 2018 10:42
Ugochill profile pic




Hello dear friends.Alex from Ugochill here.Just want to thank ACR for this awesome concept that I fully cherish and support and to thank all of you for your support.I`m on little vacation coming back tomorrow and will go back into relentless listening of your works and you can count on my support round the clock.Much respect and regards. Peace.!
We keep on rocking and we don`t stop.
04 March 2018 20:45
Ugochill profile pic
Thank You so much Juxta. It was fab..and now I`m back. :)

03 March 2018 12:00
Juxta profile pic
Thank you very much for your kind words! :-)

Hope you`re having a fab vacation!

02 March 2018 13:45




I`m not sure I get this argument. Surely people just choose from the dropdown menu what platform they want to listen to. Personally, I prefer one that actually pays musicians, such as Musicoin. Soundcloud gives you zip!
02 March 2018 23:45
everyone`s different....whatever works...go for it, if it`s not working change it, ACR is my favourite right now

02 March 2018 22:29
Peter & Ella profile pic
Peter & Ella
personally i have been looking for a platform that non musicans can listen too, SC failed that test its ok you are on that platform but musicion has been showing some good results to fans who are non musicains music lovers add that too all the ones who are on here and it really shows that it can be a good platform i am mainly using spotify and musicion

02 March 2018 22:06
I agree Stevee, SC pays ZILCH, but i must be honest, if it wasnt for SC, i wouldnt have found ACR

02 March 2018 20:56
Well some of us are not into it for the pennies but rather for the exposure and the feedback. You (or rather I) get more comments from other sites. That`s my take on it anyway.

01 March 2018 23:27
Kevin Strohmenger profile pic
Kevin Stro

Kevin Strohmenger



Hey guys, I`ve found some of you on Musicoin already, but the search function is a little tedious. Add me and I`ll get your stuff into my music queue. Great way to support each other! :)
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