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16 February 2018 14:13
Mauro Filigheddu profile pic
Mauro Fili

Mauro Filigheddu



Mastering is a difficult art, OK. But I only need to pump up the volume. Is there any method to do this? For example, I already have a perfect master but the volume is quite a bit low. Is it possible to raise it up? (Sorry, I am more musician than engineer, I`ve always be not so good in mixing-mastering). Thanks in advance for a suggestion.

14 February 2018 10:48
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Will you be my valentine ATOM COLLECTOR RECORDS ?
14 February 2018 11:57
winkandwoo profile pic
oh good my first electronic love interest has said yes thanx
juxta , big hearts !

14 February 2018 11:51
Juxta profile pic
:P Now there`s an offer I can`t refuse! hahahah

13 February 2018 15:48

Hey we just added playlists and some Spotify links so please feel free to check it out!

11 February 2018 14:22



Starting a repost channel on Soundcloud with Interviews. ( let me know if this is the wrong message board) :
How it works :
Send a dm and get a downloadable track with general purpose questions that you can cut and paste into your own interview track : just answer one or twenty, it’s all good.
Anything about the track and /or the artist/ collaboration/ favorite daw/gear/poem/book/movie…anything really. You can make your own questions too. Promote your track.
The first three questions are about Soundcloud : Your opinion counts!

(For the many of us who speak English as a second language : record in your preferred language and send the translation, will post that too.)
Should have the first few interviews posted in a few days. Everyone is welcome

11 February 2018 00:04
RossSeddonMusic profile pic




Not sure how the vote thing works. I have a song with well over 10 votes no ranking and one with 2 votes with a ranking?
11 February 2018 11:20
Juxta profile pic
Can you post the links to the songs please along with your user ID so I can investigate.

09 February 2018 08:45
Mauro Filigheddu profile pic
Mauro Fili

Mauro Filigheddu



I really cannot upload music on Steemit/DSound. Mr. @prc does not answer. I usually use a MAC. So I tried with a WindowsPC and it seemed I could upload my songs. I tried with a .wav file, and after a while I read: song uploaded! But when I went to my music the system told me: error in uploading. I tried again three or four times, and every time the same thing. At the end, I clicked on IPFS settings, and the system suggested me to download it. But, I want to ask you ACR Steemers: Did anyone of you uploaded a song without this IPFS? (I still don`t know what it is) Thanks in advance for an answer.
09 February 2018 13:53
Mauro Filigheddu profile pic
Mauro Filigheddu
Thank You for your answer, I`ll go on trying

09 February 2018 11:40
Juxta profile pic
Sorry to hear you are having so many problems.

I didn`t have to download anything and I am also using Chrome on a Mac.

Did you try searching Steemit for "dsound IPFS" to see if there are any suggestions?

09 February 2018 12:58
WholeSpirit profile pic




Why can´t I see last months chart positions? When I upload the page it´s blank.

06 February 2018 04:59
Trendlaser profile pic




I guess the musicoin thing might be good. Trouble is, no one, well, not many people are listening to soundcloud (huge drop-off there), Spotify (most avoided it, anyway), bandcamp never caught on and Fanburst (really, who the hell cares about Fanburst?).
06 February 2018 13:17
Juxta profile pic
A couple of things to remember:
1. ACR is still quite new and needs about 10k regular users to be busy on all platforms really.
2. Musicoin is very new and still in it`s beta testing phase. At the moment the currency has tiny trading volumes. Once Musicoin comes out of beta and is working consistently I think we will see a dramatic increase it it`s value but I am no expert, just being logical. Why would anyone want to be on Spotify if they could earn even 1 cent per play in real time?

06 February 2018 12:01
Nickillus profile pic
Yes it`s definitely a double edged sword. And with the way the value of musicoin currency seems to be plummeting day after day as well . . . . . .

05 February 2018 15:35



In Pro User Settings is "skipped" listed on a song left before the one minute mark or the whole song? I assume it is 1:00 but I don`t know for sure.
05 February 2018 16:47
Juxta profile pic
Yes it is if before the 1 minute.

Also if someone votes and then clicks next it will show as a skip but you will see the play beforehand.

03 February 2018 12:31
# profile pic




Hi, guys an` gals! Brighton [UK] based band # is looking for a drummer. The new album is almost finished, so there`s opportunity to have couple of tracks recorded straight ahead and be part of the new lineup. 20+ original tunes in repertoire so the newcomer will be busy but the friends and band R worth it.
If you are into music and like good old 3-chord rock n roll songs, you`re our person! Rehearsals twice a week. Please pass the word on in case somebody is idle and wants to beat those skins in a loud band. Our tunes are featured here as well, but check out our website at for bio and stuff!
Keep It Loud!

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