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20 June 2018 08:43
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Hello, I am a mentally ill of electronic music. I am a musician writer and a great thinker. I like to always go drunk and if it can be other things I introduce myself to all of you as a pathetic artist. I hope you connect with my Channel and my songs for surely I hate everyone and everything

03 June 2018 22:12
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Hi, I`m iconDARK... among other things. I make dark ambient and electronic songs that I mostly share on Youtube and Soundcloud (and now Dtube/DSount). Although I`m new here I`m not new to crypto. Looks like Atomcollector has a great thing going here; can`t wait to try out some of the features.
05 June 2018 15:22
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27 April 2018 00:06
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Living the life of the Cryptomusician means learning about and exploiting the new opportunities that are materializing all around us every day. From Musicoin to airdrops to actively creating my musical future, it is one enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle.
03 June 2018 22:04
iconDARK profile pic
"Cryptomusician." I like that!

03 June 2018 14:53
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I am a drum producer of electronic music producer (drum and bass jungle trip hop techno dubstep etc ...) I have started a new musical project here with atomcollectorecords I hope you like my droppings riff samples and songs. So I hope you`ll collaborate / contact / continue to listen to this musical stamp. thanks

soc bateria escriptor productor de música electronica( drum and bass jungle trip hop techno dubstep etc..) he començat un projecte musical nou aquí amb atomcollectorecords espero que us agradin els meus dropos rifs samples i cançons. Així que espero que colaboreu/contacteu/seguiu/escolteu en aquest segell musical. gràcies

soy batería escritor productor de música electrónica (drum and bass jungle trip hop techno dubstep etc ..) he comenzado un proyecto musical nuevo aquí con atomcollectorecords espero que os gusten mis drops rifs samples y canciones. Así que espero que colaboramos / contacte / siga / escuche en este sello musical. gracias

01 June 2018 05:14
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I`m ComAdore.
I`m a Drum & Bass producer from Kansas City.
Been making tracks for decades and excited about the future of crypto in all forms. If you`re an old head; I think you`re gonna like what I have on offer here.

31 May 2018 01:57
harnessflux profile pic




Psyched to have found this site -- Harness Flux, indie rock / psych rock from Los Angeles CA

26 May 2018 17:31
Homeless R

Homeless Radio


Hey, mates! We are Homeless Radio, brand new one from Ukraine! Check our song out, hope you`ll enjoy it!

14 May 2018 01:23
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Word. How is everyone. Lifelong music creator composer. Multi instrumentalist: sax and bass being the primary. These days the iPad pro seems to be the go to sound machine. Ive performed with numerous bands. Led the Punk jazz outfit Ant man Bee (the one that opened for the Big Star KCOU columbia reunion) indie rock band St. Monday, STL freak rock band the Pat Sajak Assassins, jazz combo the Brian Sullivan Quartet. Dj jazzresin spinnin around the world and soul selektin bullets since 1996. Billy sunshine is the metafictional crooner of optimistic nihilism. Since 2017 has been a blockchain enthusiast and cryptominer whom blogs on Remember that Bob Moog died for yer Synths.

02 May 2018 17:14
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Hi, I`m Dutch singer-songwriter Timber and i uploaded one of my songs. Hope you like it. I just joined and I`m still a bit confused. Can any one tell me how to vote? I can see I have to listen for 30 seconds to a track and then use the vote up button, but I don`t see a button! Regards,Timber

01 May 2018 16:39
maybenottheband profile pic




Hello Fellow Musicians. I`m representing MAYBE NOT (punkrock band from Amsterdam) on this platform. We just got cancelled on a possible last minute gig for tonight, my band is pretty disappointed. I thought to ask the platform to cheer us up with some followings and likes, listenings. You can find us everywhere:) We already owe a lot to Juxta and AtomCollector. Every like counts. We`ll follow and like you back. Cheers!!!
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