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The message boards have been replaced by Our Discord as it has a lot more features that allow us to communicate with each other in a better way.

You may still post on here and you will get some replies but we would really recommend you join us on Discord as it is a very vibrant community of independent musicians.

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12 March 2019 15:31
Rhonda Huete/Gravity Blinks profile pic
Rhonda Hue

Rhonda Huete/Gravity Blinks



Our Easter song releasing this week:

05 March 2019 04:51
golubovsky profile pic




The single "More Air" will be released on March 12, 2019 on Spotify.

02 March 2019 13:18
maybenottheband profile pic




New single "Demons" is coming up 15 March by punkrock band MAYBE NOT!
Album release date to be announced

02 March 2019 10:50
Stevie Boyes profile pic
Stevie Boy

Stevie Boyes



01 March 2019 16:56
JibbaTheGent profile pic




12 February 2019 12:27
Rhonda Huete/Gravity Blinks profile pic
Rhonda Hue

Rhonda Huete/Gravity Blinks



20 January 2019 14:58
Jon Magnusson profile pic
Jon Magnus

Jon Magnusson



My new single "Tables Have Turned". To be released January 25th!

17 December 2018 07:25
The Sixth Stone profile pic
The Sixth

The Sixth Stone



`Hidden Rage` Brand new Single from our Eclectic Collective dropping in stores this week. It has a mash up of styles with Rock guitars from @wav_Dr , Axl Rose type vocals from @thesixthstone and fat glorious Beatz from Mr. @FlipMyBeatz himself.

03 November 2018 20:34
Nicky Havey profile pic
Nicky Have

Nicky Havey



New EP coming up - about time I did one seeing as it`s been two years since any new material - enter the "Comeback EP" - Trance meets Drum & Bass - pre-save link below - release date on 20th December 2018:

28 October 2018 07:08
Juxta profile pic





New album "Deconstructing", featuring The Turtle Project, coming on 21 December
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