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17 December 2017 00:53
sarasalari profile pic



Atom Buds!
I`m a new artist who can use feedback and support! Keep in mind this is a lofi sounding track made with just classical guitar and piano. I figure that`s the route to go since I don`t have a lot of equipment or money lol
If you repost or give feedback, I will do that same for you to continue this artist loop :)

16 December 2017 21:02
Trendlaser profile pic



Just want to say, the best followers I have on twitter and elsewhere are from #AtomCollector. At least, we have our love of music in common, though we may favor some genres over others. I check my twitter and other accounts (soundcloud et al) for new followers and followback (within a few days) unless its apparent the follower has no interest in the types of music I like most. (I check profile pages to see what music dominates). Twitter I follow anybody back--love them/hate them--no matter as long as their main thing is not selling followers. And I unfollow unfollowers promptly.Love-Trend

15 December 2017 22:44




hello people of the Atom world. Can you follow us on Youtube and we`ll return the fav. Maybe even watch our videos, you`ll find lots of unique content on there too

15 December 2017 10:03
Juxta profile pic





The new album "I Want To Live In A Machine" is out on SoundCloud. Waiting for Spotify. We were a bit late submitting!

12 December 2017 20:37
StoneMan profile pic



Hello everyone. I`m new here and I`ve been listening to Soundcloud tracks and getting credits for listening over 1 minute.
I`m mainly here to listen to Spotify tracks and to get my Spotify tracks heard. But how do I get credits for listening to Spotify tracks when they only play for 30 seconds? And how does anyone get credits for listening to my Spotify tracks?
Thank you for your patience! :)
13 December 2017 19:24
Juxta profile pic
You need to install the Spotify app on your computer and then it will play the tracks there for the entirety of the song i believe. I have always had it installed and have a paid account so it`s always worked that way for me.

12 December 2017 22:06
StoneMan profile pic
Thanks Shotgun21

12 December 2017 21:24
Shotgun21 profile pic
on the listen page select spotify from the drop down where it says listening from

12 December 2017 23:47
Doobie Sco

Doobie Scoo and the Vampire Slayers



Hey everyone! Super excited to announce that we have our second full length album releasing January 12th 2018! We just put out a single that didnt make the cut for the album drop by and say hi!
13 December 2017 02:42
BeakerAndy profile pic
Pretty dope track. Look forward to hearing the upcoming record.

11 December 2017 17:03
Replicant Theory profile pic

Replicant Theory



Hey, I am a guitar / instrument gear head. Right now I am Steampunking out one of my Fernandes Vertigo electric guitars. If you want to see photos of the work in progress and transformation go to twitter and look for me @replicanttheory or search the hashtag #steampunkdingus.

If anyone has questions or comments on anything I am doing please ask away. Have a great day!

11 December 2017 02:46
Justin Michael Trivett profile pic
Justin Mic

Justin Michael Trivett



Check out my mixes right here:

10 December 2017 19:39
Prime Tyme profile pic
Prime Tyme

Prime Tyme



Yo, check out my NEW collab track with Danke Noetic!

06 December 2017 18:34
John Loves Julie profile pic
John Loves

John Loves Julie


Very impressed at the range of talent on offer here and I`m hoping there will be a real sense of community.
10 December 2017 10:08
Juxta profile pic
Well that`s confusing! Wait to explain that one 100 times in the chat room! :P

09 December 2017 20:55
John Loves Julie profile pic
John Loves Julie
Thanks for having us! It`s Ian (and Claudia) not John (and Julie) ... :-)

07 December 2017 05:50
Juxta profile pic
Thanks John. I have to agree - it`s unbelievable how good the music is on here and how friendly most people are! Long may it continue and thanks for joining us!
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