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10 October 2017 01:01
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I`m beginning to wonder if Fanburst is worth the aggravation. Gonna have to ignore it for awhile.

08 October 2017 15:42
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I have started creating royalty free samples for you to use in your tracks.

A lot of people have said that vocal samples would be useful so I have started with a few of these and will add to them over time.

Let me know what you think and if it`s worth continuing to create more:
09 October 2017 00:14
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Thanks for putting these up. Great samples, like the voicing. It would be possible to construct a complete song from the lines you`ve posted. Just as an experiment, I dropped a couple of your `oohs` into a song I`m working on (Sally Go Round the Roses, new version) - faster tempo than 100 bpm and different key from your sample - but somehow it works!!! Anyway, please keep on doing more samples, and keep on doing what you`re doing, it`s a good site for musicians, very much appreciated.



08 October 2017 12:05
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Brand New # Song and Video! from the upcoming album!
Keep It Loud!

08 October 2017 02:11
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Nemanja Mi

Nemanja Misce Simic

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04 October 2017 05:58




Get all 8 Kazket Bound releases available on Bandcamp and save 75%.

04 October 2017 05:50




Hey all. Here`s my choice selections from Septembers listening on Soundcloud and of course ACR. Give a listen, it`s time well spent.

03 October 2017 13:07


Hey guys. I literally just released a track called `Stable`. Its a House/trap hybrid track. Please check it out :-)

25 September 2017 13:43
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In order to keep the radio station going there needs to be at least 130 hours per day of listening from now on!

So can you all try and leave it running even if you aren`t listening to it (muted should be fine) until we build up the audience.

03 October 2017 00:23
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Johnny English Music
Hi Peeps keep your radio locked to radionomy!

02 October 2017 10:29
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Kevin Strohmenger
Didn`t know about this before, running it :O

01 October 2017 20:58
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Johnny English Music
Yep will definitely be doing this, we can`t just be thinking about gaining credits and forgetting about the radio station,its a good platform. So come on everyone lets keep it going!

29 September 2017 12:07
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Thank you Musical Artizan!

27 September 2017 18:37
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Musical Artizan

02 October 2017 09:04




How about Atom playlists on this site that play a selected genre only, for people who want to game, watch streaming etc can just have the list playing automatically, but maybe a slightly different gateway in to differentiate between artist and public??

02 October 2017 07:40
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Do you think it would be worth creating monthly YouTube playlists similar to the ones I am creating for Spotify?

I find it really hard to get plays on YouTube and was wondering if this might help?

Thoughts please...
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