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15 September 2017 20:07
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The ACR SoundCloud Repost Network - earn 10 credits per repost account

Have you seen those massive repost networks on SoundCloud? (Just search "repost" and see).
Well they use a tool that automatically reposts tracks across all their 1000s of accounts.

I want to try and build something similar for ACR members and I need your help!

All you have to do is set up a repost account and then message me the account login details so I can add it to the network.

If you have an existing one that you would like to add to the network but not give me access too then that`s fine, just message me the URL of the repost account and I will reply with instructions.

It would be best if you update the images on the repost account but it`s not compulsory.

25 September 2017 13:44
Juxta profile pic
Just message me the user id & password for the account.

If you don`t want to let me have the password then just message me the user and I`ll send further instructions.

25 September 2017 08:37
how can i send you login account details?

24 September 2017 12:38
how can i set up a repost account? i didn`t understand D:

17 September 2017 11:16
Juxta profile pic
Just keep spreading the word!

16 September 2017 18:42
The Cruel Horizon
That was aewsome, thanks again for the help. Got about 50 reposts since the. Can I do anything in return besides reposting? The Cruel Horizon

24 September 2017 03:16
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Note to all Spotify artists. Seems we could all use some help here. I will follow anybody on Spotify who follows me (if I haven`t already). IMPORTANT: You MUST let me know via msg. here or on soundcloud. I will msg. you back when I`ve "FollowedBack" ASAP.-From your friendly neighborhood TRENDLASER.

19 September 2017 17:48
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Want to help the site grow?

Click on these links periodically and add a comment to say how useful the site is for you.

Keep a conversation going in the comments and the posts will keep bumping to the top of the groups.

Thank you!

21 September 2017 15:21 profile pic



Like listening to awesome independent music? Why not contribute even more and write about it! Join our team via and apply today :) We`re receiving hundreds of submissions each week that deserve attention.

20 September 2017 23:48



I` CO, am new to this site and want to see if it works. I have a new single " Hit the Flo" take a listen.

20 September 2017 19:26
SCR Beats

SCR Beats

Hi everyone i`m new here! Could you please check my new track on SoundCloud or YouTube :

06 September 2017 18:28
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If you want to be added to any of the Spotify playlists then please follow and play regularly then reply to this post with the tracks you want added and which playlist(s): (collaborative - 300 followers)
Rock -
Indie -
Unsigned -
Electronic -
Metal -
Add & Tag -

18 September 2017 14:58
Hey there, we`d love to be on the unsigned, indie, or EDM playlists for our single Opening Night found here:

15 September 2017 15:42
Juxta profile pic
Done Kahsay

14 September 2017 20:23
Kahsay profile pic
@Juxta I`d like to add this song to the Indie list if that`s ok.

14 September 2017 15:34
Juxta profile pic
Added that to the relevant playlists Dave.

12 September 2017 20:24

16 September 2017 00:49
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To Fanburst users: We should drop this in their suggestion box: Please include track time/length. (Pretty nice analytic feature there.)

15 September 2017 07:12
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Jon Magnus

Jon Magnusson


    Vote for me by giving me the thumbs up!

10 September 2017 17:48


Hello friends! Now EP "Glioblastoma" is reissued on the distributor Distrokid.
Songs are available in all popular music online stores.
Support Pleo. Upload him songs to their playlists and listen. All good and happiness.
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