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29 May 2018 19:07

Shoestring Therapy

Made a kind of pop punk / retro wave album and video. Thanks in advance for taking the time and checking it out!

28 May 2018 17:29
Scott Watson profile pic
Scott Wats

Scott Watson


Hello. This is my latest track. A collaboration over the Internet with two artists based in the Netherlands:



21 May 2018 20:51



I`m a bit cornfused here. I`ve listened to tracks on Choon and hit the + button to add to the artist`s credits there but as there isn`t a vote button on ACR how do my credits get advanced for the listen here?
25 May 2018 16:15
Juxta profile pic
The + button has nothing to do with ACR it is happening on the Choon site in a window here.

THe play credits work in the same way as any other source - you listen to a track and gain "Choon Play Credits" that you then allocate to your own Choon tracks.

01 May 2018 19:38
Timber profile pic



Hi, I`m new here and still a bit confused. Can any one tell me how to vote? I can see I have to listen for 30 seconds to a track and then use the vote up button, but I don`t see a button! Regards,Timber (singer-songwriter)
10 May 2018 18:12
JMM profile pic
Are you using the mobile player or the normal one?

03 May 2018 16:31



I`ve been trying to erase "My Location" data but when I clear out out the location coordinates and "update" it always comes back (and I have done that several times.) So what do I really need to do?
08 May 2018 15:15
Gulf of Guinea...O...K (I hear it`s a nice place-for sharks!)

07 May 2018 10:14
Juxta profile pic
I have never tried to remove them. Can you just put in 1 & 1 for now please

04 May 2018 16:01
...Or perhaps more to the point can "I" do it?

31 March 2018 17:53
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Record

Wud Records



>Part 1
Greetings ladies and gentlemen! I hope this message finds you all in fine fettle. :)

First up I wanted to say a massive THANKS VERY MUCH!!! for all your lovely comments and your votes. You have been fantastic for us and our bands and we really appreciate the support you`ve given us, especially to Flicker and Dark Company on Musicoin.

During the time we`ve been on ACR there have been a number of developments. In fact, the rate of change is more than we seem to be able to keep up with! It`s been an exciting ride so far and it doesn`t look like it`s going to stop any time soon.

When we first joined, ACR was great for SoundCloud tracks and the activity on our SC increased massively. When Bandcamp was added, we noticed another big increase in activity there too. Then, when the Spotify playlists came into being, everything else quietened down significantly. As non-Spotify people, this was disappointing for us, but all in all we`ve had some fantastic times at ACR and have had no hesitation in recommending it to just about everyone we`ve met in the musical world.
07 May 2018 10:19
Juxta profile pic
It`s been great to see all your activity on the platform!

I don`t think the addition of Spotify was the cause of the slow down as Spotify plays did not increase very much. There seems to have been a general slowdown since SoundCloud reduced the sound quality of their streams.

The introduction of Musicoin certainly diverted more people away from SoundCloud and BandCamp though as it does exactly the same thing but with a higher quality stream and it pays you instantly too!

To combat the slowdown I introduced $INDIE to incentivise different sources each day and that has certainly helped to balance things out a bit more.

I have a lot of features to add soon watch this space!

30 April 2018 23:39
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
*** Wud Records ***

The Chillun: Fisherman - 12 plays, 1 vote
The Chillun: A Solace and a Burden - 11 plays
Spacegoats: Born of Stars - 12 plas, 3 votes, 1 comment
Spacegoats: Friend - 12 plays
Recluse: Chosen Few - 11 plays, 1 vote
Recluse: Until the Summer Comes - 13 plays, 2 votes, 1 comment
Pyg: All Fall Down - 10 plays, 1 vote
Pyg: Don`t Jump - 12 plays, 2 votes, 1 comment
Guarana: Height - 14 plays, 3 votes
Guarana: Lullaby (live) - 14 plays, 1 vote

Flicker: The Percolator - 11 plays, 1 vote

The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (part 8: finale) - 10 plays, 1 vote
The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Redeemed - 10 plays

*** Flicker ***

One Place - 8 plays, 1 vote

BANDCAMP (plays/tips data 100% accurate, votes/comments data not 100% certain!)
Farsight - 9 plays, 1 vote
Week Five - 11 plays, 1 vote
Aeroplane - 10 plays, 1 tip
Serendipity - 10 plays, 3 votes
Another Star in the Sky - 11 plays, 2 votes, 2 tips
Beautiful Wings - 9 plays, 2 votes
Welcome to the Family - 10 plays, 1 vote
One Place - 10 plays, 2 votes

*** Dark Company ***

Prisoner - 13 plays, 1 vote
The Joker - 11 plays
Traveller - 18 plays, 3 votes

Flicker: Beautiful Wings - 10 plays, 1 vote, 1 tip

BANDCAMP (plays/tips data 100% accurate, votes/comments data not 100% certain!)
Killer - 10 plays
Astrologer - 8 plays, 1 comment
Second Sight - 8 plays
Animal House - 8 plays, 2 votes
Future Sadness Past - 12 plays, 1 vote
Crash - 10 plays, 3 votes
Crash (EastEnders RMX) - 11 plays, 3 votes, 1 comment

30 April 2018 22:59
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
Greetings once more ladies and gentlemen! April is done, so we thought you might compare the figures for our three separate accounts here with the figures we already posted for March. By doing so we can see the effects of the $INDIE.

Thanks very much to everyone who listened, commented and voted for our tracks. Your feedback is greatly appreciated by myself and George who mostly runs the Flicker and Dark Company accounts, and anyone else from our nebulous collective who may see them from time to time.

31 March 2018 17:55
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
>Part 4

These figures may or may not be interesting, but they certainly reflect the way things have changed here at ACR. And whilst these tracks may not have been heard much compared to how they might have gone a few months ago, the ratio of plays to comments and votes remains high, which shows the listeners were engaged with what they heard. (Great! :) )

Well, there we have it. Should you have any thoughts or data of your own to contribute, the more nerdulated amongst us would probably be interested to look and twiddle our beards, or other things if we are unbearded ladies.

Thanks again and best wishes to all from Sam and the team.

31 March 2018 17:54
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
>Part 3

*** Wud Records ***

Goodstaff: Heidi - 5 plays, 2 votes, 1 comment
The Chillun: Baby Too - 6 plays
The Chillun: Sleighride - 5 plays, 1 vote, 2 comments
Guarana: Cathy Says - 5 plays
Guarana: Gods - 5 plays
Spacegoats: It`s A Blue Sky Don`t Hold No Rain - 3 plays
Spacegoats: Don`t Let It Pass You By - 4 plays, 2 votes, 1 comment
Recluse: Shameful Smile - 5 plays, 1 vote, 1 comment
Recluse: Reactions - 6 plays, 1 vote
Pyg: Let`s Dance (Dulcimer Mix) - 4 plays

Flicker: The Percolator - 4 plays

The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (part 7: the bureau) - 1 play
The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Pieces of Me - 1 play, 1 vote, 1 comment

*** Flicker ***

One Place - 2 plays

Lucky Stone - 1 play
Oily Road Hideaway - 0 plays
Tomorrow - 1 play
Phoenix in the Bin - 1 play
Hair and Eyes - 1 play
It Starts Right Here - 2 plays
Sauce - 0 plays
Serendipity - 2 plays
Another Star in the Sky - 1 play

*** Dark Company ***

Asylum Child - 6 plays
Jigsaw - 4 plays
The Winds of Heaven - 5 plays

Flicker: Beautiful Wings - 2 plays

Sacrifice - 0 plays
Stimulants - 1 play
Golden Eye - 1 play
Terminal Road - 0 plays
Lookin` Bad - 2 plays
Under the Hill - 1 play
The Forger - 0 plays
Last Train to Heaven - 2 plays
Astrologer - 2 plays

31 March 2018 17:53
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
>Part 2
Even more recently we`ve seen the rise of Musicoin. We here believe this blockchain-based streaming platform that offers a credible deal to independent artists may be the future of the music industry in some form or another.

Keeping up with the amount of plays our Musicoin tracks have been receiving has been something of a full-time job, and has been immense successful. We are regularly seeing over 100 Musicoin plays daily on ACR across both of our bands who have Musicoin tracks, and that is just awesome.

One cannot help but notice how the activity on the Spotify Playlists has dwindled away to almost nothing again since the start of Musicoin being on ACR. However, this new $INDIE token may be a way of rebooting activity on the older platforms. Clever JJ, always a cunning trick up his sleeve!

Anyway, I decided that it might be interesting for members if we shared our data regarding the non-Musicoin platforms during March so everyone could see what the state of play is right now. I anticipate the new $INDIE token will have an effect on driving activity up again.

Importantly, we are not grumpy or disappointed or anything! We are simply sharing this data as cold hard facts, as an interesting phenomena so others can see and comment, and so we can all see how the new $INDIE token affects things in the future.

At the start of the month we gave everything in rotation 10 credits so that it would be easy to see what was being played and what was not. George and I run three accounts between us here - Wud Records, Flicker and Dark Company. These figures are just for ACR for the whole of March. Yes, we`re a bit nerdy like that.

13 April 2018 17:32
The SolitaireOne profile pic
The Solita

The SolitaireOne


I am still waiting to see if the standard 38 credits I earned will be used by anyone on the soundcloud track I posted on this site. Still nothing going on. Anyone have an idea why my post has not even had one listen on ACR? Is it really that slow for soundcloud posts. I see them rotating on the screen but are they not accepting standard credits anymore?
22 April 2018 10:57
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
We need a `like` button for comments such as the one posted at 08:01. Righteous brother. ,,/(^_^),,/

19 April 2018 11:28
Juxta profile pic
We just dug a bit deeper and have found out that you don`t have any credits allocated to your tracks so they are not in play rotation.

You need to go to and use the "+1", etc. to add credits to the tracks you want played.

19 April 2018 08:01
Juxta profile pic
SoundCloud has certainly tailed of significantly in the last few months. Part of the reason is that people can actually earn money from their music by using a service such as Musicion and part of the reason is people are getting fed up with SoundCloud - they have reduced the stream quality and are sending people more warning messages as well as starting to charge for things that used to be free.

I would recommend you get your music on Musicoin and dsound if you want high numbers of plays.

13 April 2018 07:42
Mauro Filigheddu profile pic
Mauro Fili

Mauro Filigheddu




Hi ACM people. I noticed that when someone tweets: I`ve listened to a song of..... there is not the title of the song. I am sure in Twitter some occasional people would like to listen to the specific song for which someone twitted, but nobody knows what are we talking about. Bye.

11 April 2018 13:53
eluukkanen profile pic



HI there, just joined this records, which is pretty interesting as a consept. Looking forward to use it more!

31 March 2018 22:39
Brian LeftHouse Rofrantic McGuire profile pic
Brian Left

Brian LeftHouse Rofrantic McGuire




I have loaded my openshares name into my profile but not sure if it is working! i wanna earn me some $INDIE

Can anyone let me know if it worked? listening to tracks from Soundcloud now! hope its working!!
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