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02 August 2017 04:42




Is there a way for me to add a track without all of my credits automatically being added to it?

30 July 2017 15:07


29 July 2017 08:39
Thuga MME

Thuga MME

29 July 2017 08:38
Thuga MME

Thuga MME


Listen to Figure -Thuga (Prod. Bobby Williams) by ThugaGMS #np on #SoundCloud

28 July 2017 10:32




Love what this place does for the musicians

27 July 2017 15:39
DJ 3RD WORLD STAR profile pic



Please read this!!!!!!

19 July 2017 10:22
Juxta profile pic





Here`s another take on the SoundCloud woes.

All makes me think that using YouTube as the host for the music and then adding all the required features that people like on SoundCloud here would be the way to go.

No issue of costs spiralling out of control and no requirement to make money either.
27 July 2017 13:33
Juxta profile pic
Thank you MrKil101. I will do everything I can to continue to make this the site that everyone wants it to be.

25 July 2017 16:58
In a way those SC woes have been happening for a long, long time now but have scaled up even more recently. I`ll stay there until or IF they do fold but ACR and whomever they attach to is a really good thing-maybe the best thing to come along in years.

25 July 2017 12:34
DNPQ profile pic
S**t happpens! ;)

22 July 2017 20:21
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
It`s such a shame what is happening to SC, but we have to accept that it will not exist any more fairly soon.

We`re probably going to move everything to Bandcamp as soon as we`ve moved ourselves to Germany. Hope you will add BC soon! RN well worth adding too.

We are very unhappy with the contempt with which SC treat their users. It`s no surprise they are going broke when they alienate their customers with appalling behaviour.

21 July 2017 21:15
Verity White profile pic
Verity White
Blimey! NO idea it was THAT bad!

21 July 2017 15:07
Juxta profile pic
Going to add BandCamp & ReverbNation too.

21 July 2017 11:42
MJ Moonbow profile pic
MJ Moonbow
Coverversions on YouTube can make alot trouble. My Supertramp rendition was taken down twice...
Alot Copyright issues on there... getting your account closed when you got 3 hits....
I want to throw Reverbnation in... :)

27 July 2017 00:15



Are there any plans for Reverbnation integration?
27 July 2017 13:30
Juxta profile pic
Yes :-)

21 July 2017 19:37
Another Color of Gray profile pic
Another Co

Another Color of Gray



There`s been talk about tying SC and ACR to MP3 Unsigned.... Is there any truth in that?
I`m new to the site and certainly, I am not trying to make waves. But, would like to know about tending another music site that might be someday tied together...
25 July 2017 13:14
Juxta profile pic
Where did you hear that? No truth in it whatsoever from this side.

I own and operate this website on my own and will never sell it. Yeah, yeah I know you think I might be tempted if a big offer came along but I want everyone here to understand that I get more satisfaction out of the community on here than I would from money, and I have a separate business that funds my life so I don`t need to do any deals that are not in the interest of the community here.

This is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and that`s worth a lot! :-)

21 July 2017 21:14
Verity White profile pic
Verity Whi

Verity White



Have i TOTALLY missed the boater on the atom collector radio plays thing? Help, I cant find the thread! 😂... @Juxta?
25 July 2017 13:10
Juxta profile pic
It`s on the Radio Stations message board.
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