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15 July 2017 04:36
Swivelable profile pic




An interesting article on detecting Music Industry Scammers:
15 July 2017 16:14
Behold the Sludge
That`s right up there with getting these bogus solicitations about buying SoundCloud plays and these pricks on SoundCloud who offer to conditionally support you on their network of "10,000+ followers" by liking or reposting their crappy music. Parasites...

15 July 2017 11:04
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Annie who?

Thanks Lliam. Sadly unsurprising to know that scammers will try just about anything. Always worth having your cynic`s hat on, no matter how flattering the approach.

07 July 2017 13:00
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Not looking good for Soundcloud
Wonder what the options are.
15 July 2017 04:11
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Anyone know of ADSR website? Excellent synth training. They posted a few links for backing up & transfering SC files:

14 July 2017 15:08
you could easily see the collapse of streaming in a few years as most are in the red
you tube will be ok though as they have so much advertising revenue

14 July 2017 14:08
Swivelable profile pic
One really nice thing about this site is that plays here reflect back to the song`s origin in terms of likes and listens. This encouraged me to pay more attention to linking Spotify to ACR. I`ve been ignoring my YouTube account because CDBaby posts them there with only a static album cover image and most YouTubers I know go for the video delights.

But if we must drop Soundcloud then it seems YouTube would be the logical next best. It certainly is a platform that encourages all types of uploads, so would be good for the diversity found here. I certainly would appreciate ACR helping this community look good there as it has already done for us in Soundcloud.

14 July 2017 04:12
Juxta profile pic
Hi all. Sorry for the radio silence. Been out and about a lot.

It is indeed somber news about SoundCloud however this site will continue regardless!!

I was thinking of looking into getting an automatic YouTube uploader created. It would basically take your song and add an Atom Collector Records static image or maybe even looping video of some sort that would help to promote and grow the site.

I can`t see YouTube shutting down so that would seem to be the most stable platform.

Another option is, as mentioned, to allow the music to be uploaded here but that opens up a lot of challenges not least the costs involved.

So what do we all think about the YouTube idea?

P.S. I will be adding BandCamp and ReverbNation very soon and also extend the number of YouTube tracks to 50.

14 July 2017 03:32
Swivelable profile pic
Whatever happens I am pleased to have crossed paths with al you at ACR. It’s marvelous to listen to and hear feedback from so many other talented musicians in so many styles. I’ve no doubt Juxta can figure a way to turn any change into a new platform, but till then I’m gonna copy all your kind song comments to remember the great community we have here.

14 July 2017 03:32
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For alternatives I like Bandcamp, but it seems to be geared toward finished products rather than ongoing aural explorations. It’s a great place to get albums from favorite Soundcloud artists. You Tube means a moving image as the attraction to listen. I plan on getting there, but right now only have audio. Mixcloud is good for playlists, but individual artists get lost. Reverbnation seems abit clunky. I haven’t used the others.

There really is nothing like soundcloud. Wonder how much it costs to run and how many subscribers it would take. Be nice if someone could manage successfully and make it worthwhile to have a subscription. Juxtacloud or Wudcloud would both be promising alternatives for both policy and attitude, but ideas and funding are not easy to have at the same time.

12 July 2017 12:36
I use the following SC alternatives:

I think Bandcamp is also interesting, but i have no experience.
I was not happy with ReverbNation and removed my account (many followers without playing a song). could also be interesting for you

11 July 2017 12:17
Dark Company profile pic
Dark Company
George here again, I play in Dark Company as well as Flicker...

Here`s what Music Week wrote about SoundCloud. Not much more information and not looking very hopeful.

11 July 2017 01:06
Flicker profile pic
More thoughts on alternatives to SC:

10 July 2017 23:58
Flicker profile pic
Our label Wud Records has a number of grumbles concerning SC and is currently involved in a somewhat acrimonious long-term dispute with them concerning some of their policy decisions and attitude. This piece of news is no surprise given the way they treat their customers.

For example, take a look at this:

SC is almost certainly going under within a year and is not a viable concern for the future. So where does that leave us all?

Sam found this and has been looking into it a bit, but he`s pretty busy with various things and hasn`t done much yet. Anyone here have experience of any of these sites?

10 July 2017 00:25
Ghostly Beard
They have an offer from Deezer, they would be best to take it. They`ve refused Spotify offer before, but if they don`t take this one they might be down by the end of the year...

08 July 2017 16:23
Juxta profile pic
Mind you we could just encourage everyone to upload all their tracks to YouTube. Maybe I could provide an upload area that automatically puts a static image with the track.

I don`t see YouTube going under any time soon!

08 July 2017 16:20
Juxta profile pic
Blimey. That`s a little worrying. Especially as there was a report about how they were making a profit last year when Spotify were rumoured to be in talks about buying them out.

I better look into how difficult it would be to allow people to upload their music on here!

13 July 2017 20:54



13 July 2017 16:33
Michael Sh

Michael Sharkey



I love this website. I`m listening to amazing music every day, and people are listening to mine.

Could anybody suggest any other websites to me that are just as good? Or is this the best website on the internet?

The Pious Life
13 July 2017 20:38
Flicker profile pic
Best one we know of for that kinda thing! Props to John. :)

13 July 2017 05:59
Tae The Scholar profile pic
Tae The Sc

Tae The Scholar


Hey, everyone. I`ve recently gotten into the whole making music scene. I am a college guy who makes some music on the side. Feel free to check me out. I`ll be adding new tracks pretty often when I have time.


12 July 2017 21:22
thefloodshark profile pic




Hey guys. Long time no sea,

I`m here to announce the release of my newest piece "The Man on the Porch" - made in collaboration with professional voice actor Nazeeh Tarsha, who has appeared in the animés Code Geass and One Piece, among others (

The piece is roughly 4 minutes in length and acts as a Spoken Word / Ambient music crossover. We sincerely hope you enjoy the work, which can be streamed or freely downloaded at any of the below links:

> Soundcloud:
> YouTube:
> Bandcamp:
> Website:

Have a wonderful day and night,

~The FloodShark

30 June 2017 17:16
DaveyHub profile pic




The Online Festival Playlists

Hey guys as some of you may or may not know I compile a monthly #newmusic playlist on Soundcloud which i promote on all my social feeds. It covers all genres of music and I thought it would be nice to try and give preference on my July playlist to some fellow Atom Collector members music. So all I need is links to your tracks on Soundcloud , obviously I will pick up on some tracks through the player on here but feel free to send me links directly if you wish. Only rule is that I like to try and keep the playlists as fresh as poss so no music that`s more than 3 months old. You can find me on Soundcloud as Daveyhub or on twitter as @daveyhub

Cheers everyone :)
12 July 2017 19:34
Ralf Dee
Sounds great Davey! Here`s a link to my track, one month old:

12 July 2017 19:06
thefloodshark profile pic
Hey Davey, thanks for the opportunity. I actually have 3 pieces from the last few months to throw your way:

The first two feature legendary Super Smash Bros. player Hungrybox, and the last one features professional voice actor Nazeeh Tarsha (who`s played roles in various animés).

"Here, Now and Then":

"Long Forgotten":

"The Man on the Porch":

06 July 2017 20:52
chocolate cake

05 July 2017 21:07

05 July 2017 11:10
Harri Sarpavaara profile pic
Harri Sarpavaara
Here comes our tracks:

04 July 2017 17:03
Here are 2:

03 July 2017 14:22
Great thanks man <3

03 July 2017 13:55
The Arañads profile pic
The Arañads

Thanks for the effort, man !

03 July 2017 09:34
IX profile pic
Hot off the presses, released Saturday
Also recent


02 July 2017 16:13
Bit o House for ya :-)

01 July 2017 12:21
Flicker profile pic
Hey Davey, that`s awesome! Our label do one of those too, it`s here:

I`m being prodded and asked to type "The next one is due to be published tomorrow!". There. :)

30 June 2017 17:28
Juxta profile pic

Here`s a nice fresh one for you. Uploaded today!

11 July 2017 20:29
Ralf Dee

Ralf Dee



Hi all, if you`re interested in collaboration on Spotify follow my "Friends and Followers" playlist and add one or two of your tracks. Please listen to the other tracks as well. I will follow everybody on Spotify who contributes. Here`s the link:

10 July 2017 18:17

chocolate cake


Hi. Can anyone help me with some advice on how to get tracks onto Spotify? thanks.
10 July 2017 20:22
Hi, I use
Cheers! Roman

08 July 2017 17:34
Juxta profile pic





Here`s a little tip to help people get more Spotify plays - click on the repeat icon in the Spotify app then when you play a track here, if you have to leave your computer for a while the track will get multiple plays rather than just stop at the end.

I often find myself distracted and actually listening to the track multiple times without even realising it!
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