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25 June 2017 22:54



Now I must admit that when I first joined Atom I got caught up in what I’ve already termed the quick click to get the credit capital needed. But when I got a warning/message of “are you a robot” I asked myself what the hell are you doing?
Unfortunately I fear that the credit system actually encourages and rewards this quick click syndrome, like the newer SC, and makes that sort of activity even more palatable. What we (read-I) want or need is more comments not some offhand and questionable congrats via clicks.

As you’ve already seen a fair amount of “do this, don’t do that” type suggestions and it does seem that you actually pay attention to them you would appear to be well on your way to having not only a pleasurable site but one that MIGHT be very worthwhile.
BTW I’m not sure that I really understand what the site’s name is supposed to mean to me.
28 June 2017 14:13
Juxta profile pic
We used to offer bonus credits Twisty but it caused the listens to decrease over time. The only way the system works at the moment is if there is a 1 to 1 ratio.

In the future we hope to have a fan version of the site so non-musicians can listen too. Then we will be able to offer bonus credits again.

27 June 2017 09:43
needs to be more credits per song , people want enough credits they wont listen long if only getting one per track .

26 June 2017 15:51
Matt Hogenson
I think it forces artists to focus on having something catchy the first 30 seconds.

26 June 2017 07:52
Juxta profile pic
Thank you for your detailed posts and kind words. The 30 second thing is something we have all discussed in the past and we have considered raising it to 60 seconds.

I think you will always get a certain group of people that are only interested in getting the credits and probably don`t even have the volume up. I`m always open to what is best for everyone and will take on board everything that is suggested.

Thank you again for your support.

26 June 2017 17:37
Juxta profile pic





You can now add up to 50 Spotify tracks.
27 June 2017 10:40
DNPQ profile pic
Nice ;)

26 June 2017 08:55
Jimmy Wilt

Jimmy Wiltfalk



Take a second and click this link and youll help me and Jon Magnusson getting higher rank on the Swedish independent chart -Tank you!
26 June 2017 13:56
The Arañads profile pic
The Arañads

26 June 2017 08:14
Jon Magnusson profile pic
Jon Magnus

Jon Magnusson



Vote for Jon Magnusson and Hawk and the Wild on Swedish Independent Charts, just click the link above to give us both a vote:

You can do it once a day!
26 June 2017 13:55
The Arañads profile pic
The Arañads
Voted (at least, i think so; don`t understand a word ...)

25 June 2017 22:55



I’ll try to do my best to keep these comments short but I’ve a fair amount to say so… I need to split it into 3 to make it work within limitations.

First off I really like the direction that this web site is taking. And what I have to say I hope will be taken in the light of encouragement and constructive criticism.

25 June 2017 22:54



I’ve already said that what bothered me the most about SC was and still is their lack of response (or the ol’ “don’t give a s@#t” mentality.) They seem to forget that the only reason they’re in business is because of their members and NOT the other way around.
When I first joined SC it was much, much more of a community where when you posted your song you got comments that were both encouraging and filled with helpful, meaningful criticism. With the “new” SC you got many more swift clicks that were, as I call them, a digital slap on the back or “you slap my back I’ll slap yours” I could see this change virtually overnight and it was almost a horror to see happening but I stuck with them as they were virtually the only game in town. The other sites seemed to me to be for folks who wanted “THE big record deal” and that just wasn’t me. I’m just looking to get these songs/productions listened to and to get some feedback.

25 June 2017 13:10



Is there a word limit for these entries?
25 June 2017 18:56
Juxta profile pic
There is but I`ve forgotten what it is. 1000 characters I think!

22 June 2017 21:18
RockCounsellor profile pic




Hello all,

I need just 20 more followers of my Spotify playlist to get it it featured on my Artist page. If you follow it, I will follow you or your playlist back. Just drop me the link.

Thanks Thoby
25 June 2017 19:07
Errol Chugg profile pic
Errol Chugg
Followed. And here`s my link. Cheers!

25 June 2017 10:30
RockCounsellor profile pic
@Juxta. Followed your artist page. Thanks for following me.

@Raven Voted for your track. Thanks for the follow.

@Bleack. Followed your playlist. Cool vibes. Thanks for the follow. T

23 June 2017 14:05
Juxta profile pic
Following. How many do you need? It says there are only 7 followers at the moment?

Can you follow my band`s account here please:


23 June 2017 11:14
Raven profile pic
i did =) Would you mind voting for me instead of following me back? Takes only 30 seconds!
Thank you! =))

23 June 2017 02:23
BLEAECK profile pic

ours >>>

24 June 2017 11:58
C Low Ray profile pic
C Low Ray

C Low Ray


I`m C Low Ray. That`s a twist on my real name. I do all genre`s, play guitars, keys, and write/record all my own work. I don`t do covers. I live in Wellingborough Northants, have lived around the world. I`m old, very old!

23 June 2017 15:28
Musical Artizan profile pic
Musical Ar

Musical Artizan



Any bands interested in doing a live music version of my midi scores please look at

You will find pdf files and some mp3`s been thinking about making my midi available too.

Then those of you with better sound libraries can mix your own midi version and maybe mix midi sounds with real audio.

Is this a good idea????
24 June 2017 08:12
Juxta profile pic
Hi there. Glad to see you here. Always enjoy your music when I need a little escape from my usual heaviness :-)

I have been thinking about creating a page on here where people can share samples,etc. for others to use so that would be a good place for your mp3s.

Watch this space!
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