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31 March 2018 22:39
Brian LeftHouse Rofrantic McGuire profile pic
Brian Left

Brian LeftHouse Rofrantic McGuire




I have loaded my openshares name into my profile but not sure if it is working! i wanna earn me some $INDIE

Can anyone let me know if it worked? listening to tracks from Soundcloud now! hope its working!!

31 March 2018 12:55
Ugochill profile pic




Hello dear Friends from ACR and fellow Musicoiners :). I just want to send you my regards and tell you how much I appreciate your support.Thank You so much. Peace.!

27 March 2018 15:15
Jansky Official profile pic
Jansky Off

Jansky Official



Hey all I`ve been entered into `artist of the week` by Musicoin which is awesome but I need some votes to be in with a shout of winning. Can any one throw a vote in my direction many thanks it will be very appreciated :)
31 March 2018 12:53
Ugochill profile pic
Looks Good. :)

26 March 2018 09:33
Daryl K. profile pic
Daryl K.

Daryl K.


hello, how can i delete my account?
26 March 2018 12:28
Juxta profile pic
Hi Daryl.

I`ve sent you a direct message with the email address to have your account deleted.

24 March 2018 00:54
Johnny English Music profile pic
Johnny Eng

Johnny English Music



Hey folks just wanna say i`m having some problems with my twitter account they only gone and suspended it so I can`t tweet at the moment. I`ve been trying to sort it but alas to no avail, DAMN DAMN DAMN👿👿👿
25 March 2018 05:29
Johnny English Music profile pic
Johnny English Music
Ok will give it a try just that haven`t got a clue what was offensive only use it really to put my tracks on and obviously reply to tweets received. But how will I delete tweets if I cant even sign in?

24 March 2018 01:48
Trendlaser profile pic
Don`t worry, Johnny, just delete the "offensive" tweet(s) and you should be back to normal in 12hours. Yep, been there. I must`ve pissed somebody off (good!) and they went through tons of my tweets (went back a couple of months) `til they found one they could complain about. Anyway, just delete them first. Countdown begins when you do. Then, if you want to defend yourself (don`t bother) you can.

23 March 2018 17:44
The J Conspiracy profile pic
The J Cons

The J Conspiracy




OK... The J Conspiracy is also on musicoin now. But what`s next. Newbees with no ideas. Anyone here to help through the first steps?

23 March 2018 16:20
Confused By Zebras profile pic
Confused B

Confused By Zebras



Jack Harris Today we present `The Girl That Can`t Say No` by Confused by Zebras at 11:28AM (PT) Mar 23, in #NewMusic show, invite your friends to come and listen at

23 March 2018 08:59



Am i doing something wrong been on for all most a week with next to zero plays , i have built up 25 credits using soundcloud , but no plays on my track ?
23 March 2018 09:35
Juxta profile pic
Soundcloud seems to be slowly dying. A lot of people are listening to Musicoin tracks (and a I mean A LOT!) so you are best to get your music on there and add that at the moment.

Things may change in the future but with the reduced quality on SoundCloud I think a lot of people are giving up on it.

20 March 2018 07:46
Fatal Nightmare profile pic
Fatal Nigh

Fatal Nightmare



I like ACR. It helps to be heard. Now I know that my music is really good. Thank you, John!

19 February 2018 15:36
Aquaerials profile pic





Hi John,

I noticed my plays through the site have completely haulted since MusicCoin became the default player. I get that you want to push people over to MusicCoin, but I don`t think it makes sense to have it as the default when it only has 303 tracks, compared to almost 2,000 on SoundCloud.

Please consider changing the default back, because SoundCloud is still where the majority of your users are.

Take care,

18 March 2018 08:32
Peter & Ella profile pic
Peter & Ella
i have always struggled with souncloud

10 March 2018 05:50
Juxta profile pic
Thanks OMCB. I`m not forgetting anyone :-) I`m just providing a platform as I said before.

I am pushing Musicoin a little at the moment though as I know so many Musicians who would like to be able to get paid and I want to make them aware of it. Having it as a default doesn`t force people to use it. Something has to be the default.

I guess the question is: if there are a lot of people that prefer Soundcloud why have they stopped listening and supporting each other?

By the way there are over 1300 Musicoin tracks in the system, it`s just that the credits gets used up so quickly there are only ever about 300 in rotation.

If you have any suggestions then please let me know.

09 March 2018 17:12
OMCB profile pic
9. march: ACR soundcloud chart. Number one track only 2 votes! Most users seems to listen to the 300 musicoin tracks.

09 March 2018 17:05
OMCB profile pic
I do not want to complain. You are doing a really good job. And even for free. I thank you very much for that. But at first started your promotion service on soundcloud with reposts and convinced many Soundcloud users of the ACR idea. Do not forget us ;-)

09 March 2018 12:01
Juxta profile pic
You will still get all of those things with Musicoin and dsound (on Steemit). The fact that you earn money from them is a bonus and a very welcome one too. We should all value our music and not give it away.

I am already discussing collaborations with people I have met through those platforms who were not on ACR before. The communities are just as vibrant.

I and many others are getting just as many comments on our tracks here as we did with SC tracks and gaining just as many followers on the actual platforms too.

If people can get all the benefits they had with SC for example and earn money as well it`s quite understandable that they would want to.

I have provided a platform which gives people a choice. At the moment people are deciding to try these new platforms.

Who knows what is coming in the future but I will continue to support every platform that allows embedded players (whether they pay or not) and let people decide which ones they want to use.

09 March 2018 09:26
OMCB profile pic
Yes, 21 Soundcloud tracks. I don`t want to earn money with my music. It`s just for fun. It`s enough for me, if other users like my music and comment. And to interact or collab with other musicians.

09 March 2018 07:46
Juxta profile pic
OMCB - Are those 20 tracks all SoundCloud?

09 March 2018 05:10
OMCB profile pic
I can only agree with you. My songs are barely heard. Although I`ve released over 20 tracks on ACR by now. My credits will not be less. Listening to ACR does not make sense to me anymore.

02 March 2018 09:59
Phil Cooper / B.C.C. profile pic
Phil Cooper / B.C.C.
Fair enough. As you know I`ve actually started using MusicCoin, but I must admit the drop off on Soundcloud plays is a bit annoying.

02 March 2018 06:14
Juxta profile pic
Interesting idea Phil.
Personally I would find that a little annoying as I like to listen to one source for a while then switch.

Also some sources autoplay and some can`t so it would be a strange user experience.

Keep the ideas coming though!

01 March 2018 21:25
Phil Cooper / B.C.C. profile pic
Phil Cooper / B.C.C.
Is there any mileage to making the default "random" which switches player when you press next? That seems to be a fair way to spread the load.

25 February 2018 15:34
I agree with that. I certainly didn`t mind the attention I got through SC listens. I mean it`s not as if I get a lot of listeners anyway but when the activity drops off to nothing it hurts.

25 February 2018 14:03
Advise you to join the coin. You will at least get paid. At Soundcloud we get zip. Rock on.

24 February 2018 18:57
w. e. bartolotta
got it
thank you

24 February 2018 06:47
Trendlaser profile pic
Also, to be clear, where it says musicoin, click on the arrow for drop down menu. Select soundcloud, then "GO"

24 February 2018 06:44
Trendlaser profile pic
Mark, you CAN select soundcloud, and genre, but you must click "GO" not "Next" to get there. Then, you can select "Next" and you will stay on soundcloud.-Trend.

23 February 2018 22:33
w. e. bartolotta
i can wait for bigger debate but for now - ii do not wish to listen to musiccoin- however it appears more than default - it appears my only choice as even when i select soundcloud everything continues as musiccoin - do i have a choice or does default in this case eliminate all options -

21 February 2018 13:44
Juxta profile pic
The plays had actually dropped off before I changed the default so I don`t think it would make much difference.

Musicoin is new and offers an amazing opportunity for independent musicians and as more people sign up then the number of tracks will increase. I think it`s important that we support them in the short term as they are a small group of devs doing something groundbreaking.

The main issue at the moment is that it`s really hard to keep tracks in credit as there are a lot of people listening so there are actually about 750 tracks or more in the database.

Let`s see how things go for a while and we can have a bigger debate about it in the near future.

21 February 2018 13:20
This sounds very reasonable.
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