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18 March 2018 08:27
Jansky Official profile pic
Jansky Off

Jansky Official



Hi all I have a vote help request I`ve made (in my opinion) an epic remix of Amy Guess - Sorry but I need some votes to give this a push can anyone help...

14 March 2018 13:23



a really nice, clean rebuild of the log-on/dashboard window
"Notes-where you can scribble..." As in when I forget my name if I write it in there first I might be saved! l,l,l (and if I don`t I`m outta luck)

14 March 2018 12:25


There`s a hole in my bucket,
Dear artists, dear artists,
There`s a hole in my bucket,
My bucket...oh yeah!!!
Anyone remember that one?

13 March 2018 15:31
Juxta profile pic





What else would you like to see on the dashboard?

13 March 2018 04:35
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I finally understand cryptocurrency thanks to John Oliver!!

12 March 2018 15:12



what happened to the site?
12 March 2018 15:30
Juxta profile pic
It got better. Click on the Dashboard.

10 March 2018 07:30
Mauro Filigheddu profile pic
Mauro Fili

Mauro Filigheddu



In Musicoin I would like to vote for the Artist of the week but it is impossible. The system asks me to log in when I am already logged in, and if I anyway click on "log in to answer to the blog" a little wheel turns forever. Anyone knows if there is a way to vote?

10 March 2018 04:37
DARK LORD KENAAN profile pic



One of my songs stop playing in the middle of the track. I`ve tried updating and even deleted to re add track. Still the same.

Does this happen to you when you play the track?

08 March 2018 22:43


Follow me on musicoin ( ) and i follow back :). lets help eachother!

08 March 2018 15:03


Hi everyone,
follow me on Twitter if you`d like to see your Atom Collector Records posts!
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