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17 January 2018 09:41
Mauro Filigheddu profile pic
Mauro Fili

Mauro Filigheddu



01 January 2018 15:26
The Cruel

The Cruel Horizon



Is it only me or do more have trouble soundcloud is not showing well? I mean bands I follow in soundcloud is not showing anymore in this collector and also not corresponding with the likes I gave on soundcloud. (sorry for my english)
07 January 2018 17:36
BeakerAndy profile pic
I think Soundcloud has been having technical problems. On their site the follow and heart icons have sometimes been broken over the last 7 days. Their recent downgrading of streaming bitrate for mobile listeners is also not a good sign for the technically stability of their platform since it seems like they`re trying to reduce strain and bandwidth on their servers even to extreme measures.

07 January 2018 15:52
The Cruel Horizon
Thanx for your raction Trend but I mean when I am following one on soundcloud for instance you my friend, and or liked a song already it doesn`t show here on this collector, it previousley did.

03 January 2018 04:34
Trendlaser profile pic
If you mean you`re not seeing bands on atom you once did, I`ve noticed as well (Shadowpainter, 100 Days from Today come to mind). Maybe, like myself and others, they have projects going on, day jobs, girlfriends?, hard to find time for all that stuff.-Trend

06 January 2018 18:00



Hey everyone, I am an upcoming hip hip artist from the 717, I am trying to get my name out there before I drop my first ever project, I released the first song off it a few days ago, do me a favor and go check it out!! You can find my twitter and instagram links on my soundcloud profile as well as an email. Follow, like, and repost the track, greatly appreciated!!

28 December 2017 15:29



Im a long, long time Mac user and have used Logic Pro for years now as well. I wasnt even tempted to make the switch to Logic X as Logic 9 was just so stable and has continued that way for me. As I am (or was) still using Logic Pro 9.1.8 I feel that says it all.
Now it seems Im being forced to make a change and I want to consider all DAW options and not just look at only Apple offerings. At the beginning I had used Pro Tools but I felt that it forced me to be more technical than I wanted and took away from music making.
As I mentioned I just loved the stability of my old program. I mean whos looking for something NOT stable? l,l,l (Oh please sir can I spend hours of extra time dealing with issues other than music?)
So what do Mac users out there think is a good replacement?
06 January 2018 13:29
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Records
We use a 2005 build of Cubase for our main studio computer, and a 1992 version 2.01 on the Atari. Both are excellent and although old they work, so have not needed to upgrade. We keep our main studio computer isolated from the internet so updates don`t bother it. Apple is apparently the way to go, but we use a PC. Next upgrade might be to go Mac. Might be. Long time in the future! That`s the way we roll, not sure if it`s any help or not. Good luck whatever you decide! :)

04 January 2018 20:29
You don`t have to upgrade to High Sierra. Plan ahead and realize that`s going to be a machine you intentionally leave obsolete.

George RR Martin has one machine running DOS just for the sole purpose of writing Game of Thrones with Word Star.

03 January 2018 21:53
Skyline Tigers
Good plan! Ease into it.

03 January 2018 15:55
Supposedly GB tracks are easily imported into Logic (or so I`m told-I`ve never done it myself) so you could keep working there and import to Logic to learn that.

02 January 2018 22:29
Skyline Tigers
Thanks for the feedback! I hope it will give me more flexibility than GarageBand (which is great!) but it is a pain having to learn a new daw when all you really want to do is make music!

02 January 2018 17:00
To Skyline Tigers:
It is and has always been a very deep program. Before I would say that I was only using roughly a third of it. Now I might be using a bit less than that as some of the things they changed in the X version are bit different and I just don`t have a handle on some of them yet. I don`t do vocals but I`ve used the "live" record function for guitars and I haven`t found it very difficult to master. Once you get the slice and dice maneuvers down it`s quite good and easy to use. The onboard efx are very useful so you don`t really need to go outside although I`m lucky enough to have and use a number of third party plugins as well.

02 January 2018 16:57
To CyTreXX:
Thank you for that reply. I had already pulled the trigger and bought, again, Logic for several reasons. Two of the chief reasons were, as you said, I was familiar with it and the price was good (although being forced to make the purchase was not a good thing but it b what it b.) I`ve found that several things they "improved" seem to be change for change sake alone. But as someone else on another site pointed out some of those changes might`ve been made to make other DAW users comfortable with Logic. It seems to moi to be a bit of a rationalization but it could be the truth-maybe!

31 December 2017 21:03
Imo no need to switch daw`s when you`re used to logic, the latest version has everything you need and it feels already comfortable to you. stable, massive soundlib, samplers, synths etc. I used every daw, never looked back when i made the switch to logic a few years ago. easy updates, good integration with other software (Kontakt, etc). yes i`m a fan :-) just my idea..Happy new year!

31 December 2017 15:41
Skyline Tigers
I use Reaper for vocals sometimes as I use GarageBand and its a bit limited for vocal effects and eq. Its interesting you are discussing this as I am saving up for Logic Pro X at the moment. Id be interested to hear its flaws!

31 December 2017 11:52
I am happy with Logic Pro X. Some mates of mine rave about Reaper, but at the end of the day you have to make your own choice, Good luck!

04 January 2018 20:22
MalFaction profile pic



Any GarageBand users out there? Join the GarageBand Users Facebook page to share tips etc.

02 January 2018 12:37
Less Than

Less Than Nothing



hey Happy new year everyone, if anyone has any instrumental rock/post-rock/ prog/ ambient tracks on spotify send me a link and i`ll add to spotify playlist cheers

01 January 2018 15:21
The Cruel

The Cruel Horizon



Happy New Year everybody here on this collector of atomic records!
01 January 2018 18:56
Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記 profile pic
Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記
happy new year!

29 December 2017 12:44
geraldinetaylor  profile pic



Reposting tracks on the Artist Spotlight Repost Network. Tracks will additionally be considered for the Artist Spotlight Playlist.
31 December 2017 11:58
Hiya, just came across you. The page doesn`t feature any rock, which is mainly what I do but here`s my page to consider
Rock on and have a great and musical 2018

29 December 2017 12:46
geraldinetaylor  profile pic



Artist Collaborations applications now open:
*Singers, bands, DJs, musicians.

21 December 2017 05:30




Had to make a new account on twitter, just to let you know..and yes i`ll follow back. . for support / repost on soundcloud send me a msg on soundcloud .
28 December 2017 20:23
Stoneygate profile pic
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