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The message boards have been replaced by Our Discord as it has a lot more features that allow us to communicate with each other in a better way.

You may still post on here and you will get some replies but we would really recommend you join us on Discord as it is a very vibrant community of independent musicians.

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If you would like a track in the `Sponsored Track` slot then please post the track ID and how many credits you would like to use (minimum 100).

Please make sure you have enough UNALLOCATED credits available.

PLEASE NOTE that Spotify & YouTube tracks will NOT autoplay but will still use the credits.

06 June 2017 08:22
mebitek profile pic





track id: 305206170 -> 100 credits
07 June 2017 05:35
Juxta profile pic
This is now active

02 June 2017 17:56
Jon Magnusson profile pic
Jon Magnus

Jon Magnusson



6ceRcLnjYx4jmBznNI7Xle 180 credits!
04 June 2017 05:28
Juxta profile pic
I tried to set this up for you Jon but it didn`t work unfortunately.

Looks like it has to be an individual track.

03 June 2017 03:56




Track ID: 322835536 for 654 credits
04 June 2017 05:27
Juxta profile pic
This track is now live in the Sponsored Track slot.
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