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21 July 2017 21:14
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Verity Whi

Verity White



Have i TOTALLY missed the boater on the atom collector radio plays thing? Help, I cant find the thread! 😂... @Juxta?
25 July 2017 13:10
Juxta profile pic
It`s on the Radio Stations message board.

25 July 2017 13:09
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There is now a separate message board for "useful resources" -

Feel free to add any useful websites but please make sure they are of high quality.

Any posts that get a lot of negative comments will be deleted.

25 July 2017 10:00
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So you can now add up to 50 YouTube videos to the site.

YouTube is the largest music streaming service in the world (see so it makes sense to get your music on there but it can be time consuming creating a video, even if you are just using a static image.

Well thanks to a bit of searching by our good friend GrandSpaceAdventure there is a simple solution:

So now you have no excuse! Get all your SoundCloud music converted and uploaded to YouTube then add them on here - GO!
25 July 2017 12:30
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21 July 2017 14:34
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Ron D Bowe

Ron D Bowes



Could the delete button be put on a page where you can actually see the name of the track? I am having to see-saw between "My Details" and "Track Comments" to ensure I delete the correct track. Or is there already a way and I am making life difficult for myself?
21 July 2017 15:06
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I need to do a lot of tidying up and making things a bit easier. This is one things that will be improved.

16 July 2017 21:20



"If" SC does go under [pure speculation here] what will happen with AC?
21 July 2017 01:57
Juxta profile pic
I`m working on all of that :P

19 July 2017 15:23
Ya mean you really DON`T control those things or the weather or the spinning of the earth?

19 July 2017 03:02
Juxta profile pic
Thanks MrKi101. As you say a lot of that is out of my control unfortunately.

18 July 2017 22:18
late addition:
Often I listen to tracks long after I`ve gone and voted for them (often it`s an involuntary hand thing l,l,l) So I would like to have my vote reflect that I`ve gone and done that extra listen. But I`m unable to change or alter my vote in anyway-nor once I`ve voted can I enter another vote. In SC I could un-click my vote and place it further on down the line

18 July 2017 22:04
BTW Guiding Tech looked interesting and I did join but as my email has been and still is down I can`t respond to their email to continue the join process !@#$ !@#$ !@#$

18 July 2017 22:02
First off I surely hope you`re around for that long-long live ACR
I would still love it to be able post right here and not depend on another site but you`ve already expressed how difficult that might be.
Much of those "necessary things" are kind of out of your hands. Things this like people giving real reviews and actual critiques of what they hear and think might make the piece better.
And the ability NOT to have people float junk that really doesn`t matter to anyone and really has nothing at all to do with your song (or really anything else on earth or on this site!) Again this is something that`s not necessarily anything you can do much about.
The suggestions I`ve submitted before pretty much fit into this question so I won`t bore you with repeating them.

18 July 2017 03:49
Juxta profile pic
MrKil101 - thank you for your views on BandCamp, etc.

I will of course do everything in my power (finances not withstanding) to make this site as friendly and welcoming to musicians as I possibly can with all the features that people require.

I would love your input on what you think would make ACR as good as SoundCloud (or better?). If we used YouTube as the vehicle to get the music heard (being as it is probably the most likely service to still be around in 10 years). What features would I need to add? What don`t you like about it in its current form?

Be as honest as you like as I really do want this to be the ultimate destination for the "kind musician" :-)

17 July 2017 07:21
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hey everyone im a independent rapper from Philadelphia all good vibes and good music check me out please..

17 July 2017 05:05
Swivelable profile pic
Yes, those two sites have completely different priorities than SC

Flicker ( posted these, seems to be a few that might work, but it will take time to both acclimate to the style and rebuild followers.

17 July 2017 04:24
Ok I can see I didn`t look down deep enough to see that thread. Anyway I, tentatively, joined both BandCamp and MixCloud (again) and found them, so far, to be just about what I`d predicted in my rant of a few weeks ago. Basically I still feel they`re not for me. The restrictions they put on the users are pretty tight and neither of them seem to allow love for the music which is, I think at the heart of this whole deal, to shine through-at least not for moi. Yes, I understand that this IS a business but it`s a business based on a very feely/touchy thing called the arts and the "suits" need to allow for that. So the alternatives everyone is talking about down there of YouTube and maybe some of the others mentioned might have to be it if I find they can be trusted enough. I`m still thinking all these sites are missing the heart and community feel of the original Soundcloud and I will continue to look for that although I keep having doubts that I will ever find it again. (deep sigh!)

17 July 2017 00:22
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check out the conversation below started on July 7

20 July 2017 23:52
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Musical Ar

Musical Artizan



new web site

19 July 2017 16:50
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18 July 2017 17:17
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Please take a few minutes to think about and comment on my post in the New Features board regarding making as good as SoundCloud -

16 July 2017 10:46
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Indus Rush

Indus Rush



Hi, I`m new on this site as of last week, and I`m wondering about a couple of issues I`m having with the Spotify play on the "Listen" page. When I click play, instead of going to a Playlist on Spotify, it goes to the album of the artist track presented. On "repeat" and "random play". the album gets played in it`s entirety, and does not randomly pick out a new song and artist from the playlist. How can I change this so I can play everybody`s music evenly and fairly?
18 July 2017 13:12
Juxta profile pic
The Spotify player may be using your settings from the app. Don`t know if there is a setting for playing an album when a track is selected. Might be worth a quick Google if you can`t find anything.

18 July 2017 00:05



Hi guys check out my soundcloud!
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